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See No Evil About Us Page

SEE NO EVIL is a clothing and lifestyle brand that was founded by Lebanese/Italian Fashion Psychologist Sarah Jaafar.

Established in London at the beginning it was circulating amongst the founder and her close circle of like-minded people who wanted to have this kind of energy in their lives. Later, the products were developed in Florence and finally in Beirut. After which, See No Evil launched its online website and was made available on ASOS in 2019

As the world rose up to the 5D reality we now live in, it is the perfect brand to match this new reality we all find ourselves in.


Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein


Since everything is made up of vibrations in life, our clothes and products are downloaded with positive vibrations through energy work to raise their vibration and yours when you wear or use them.

You can think of See No Evil as your mental, emotional or physical boost for the day in the form of clothing and products. It is also advised that you set a positive intention or just feel positive when you buy, wear or use See No Evil products and make this your lifestyle.

Just wondering, what does it mean for you to See No Evil? Honestly, each would have a unique answer to this so make up your mind and up your vibes with us.

Sending you all the love and positive vibes,